Spes Medica welcomes Biocubica

Spes Medica welcomes Biocubica

Exciting news! Spes Medica officially welcomes Biocubica srl as part of the family, a leader in innovative biomedical technology solutions.

Biocubica is specialized in electronics and computer engineering with expertise in embedded real-time systems, microprocessor controllers, digital and analog circuit design, signal and video processing, systems software and device drivers.

With a strong focus on electronics and computer engineering, Biocubica offers cutting-edge solutions using health-AI and ML to continuously monitor vital signs, making it easier to manage chronic diseases without interrupting daily life.

Spes Medica was assisted in the transaction by Deloitte Legal, with the Partner Paolo Terrile and the Senior Associate Luca Rapetti together with the Partner Ida Palombella and the Managing Associate Federica Caretta on IP profiles, in the legal due diligence and the negotiation of contractual texts and by the Deloitte Tax and Corporate Studio, with the Partner Laura Demurtas and the Managing Associate Sara Crovetto, in the tax due diligence

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