IOM / Neurodiagnostics

Spes Medica offers a complete range of electrodes and accessories to be used during EEG, EP and ERG examinations.

Our products have been developed to ensure maximum signal quality and patient comfort.

Disposable Tympanic Ball Electrode

Our tympanic electrode is designed to be used during electrocycleography (ECOchG) and tympanic membrane (TM) signal monitoring.
- Perfectly rounded ball tip electrode for recording and stimulation
- Gold electrode for a noise free signal
- Atraumatic soft silicon shaft for any easy positioning near the tympanic membrane
CodeCable LengthConnectorsPack
TED001250 cm Ø 1,5 mm5 pcs

Data Sheet

Adhesive VEP Stimulation Goggles

Intraoperative flash VEP monitoring enables the detection of impairments that occur anywhere in the visual pathway from the retina to the visual cortex.
- Available with white or red light
- Disposable product - no cross contamination
- It adheres safely to the eyelid, without the need for elastic band
- It ensures optimal positioning of the light source throughout the surgical operation
- Adhesive and low weight for optimal fit

CodeLight sourceCableConnectorsPack
VLED01White200cm Ø 1,5 mm1 single led
VLED02Red200cm Ø 1,5 mm1 single led

Data Sheet

Sterile Disposable Connection Cable

· Stable and consistent Alligator Clip connector.
· it connects a wide range of surgical tool to the stimulation channel
CodeColourCable LengthConnectorsPack
MNC25CDIN1STBlack250 cm Ø 1,5 mm1 pc
MNC25CDIN2STRed250 cm Ø 1,5 mm1 pc

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