EMG / Neurodiagnostics

Spes Medica is passionately focused on the study and the creation of a wide range of electrodes for EMG, NCS and PE. Thanks to our vast experience, we were able to develop excellent production techniques.

EMG / Pudendal Electrode

Pudendal Electrode

· Suitable for Pudendal Nerve Terminal Motor Latency (PNTML) for recording and stimulation in the anal sphincter
· Made with biocompatible and flexible materials.
. Easy and stable connection
CodeElectrode MaterialPack
PUD0001AgAgCl10 pcs


Connection Cable for Pudendal Electrode

CodeCable LengthConnectors EMGConnectors STIMPack
2001PUD7171SH200 cm 5 pole din 5 pole din1 pc
2001PUD7126SH200 cm 5 pole din Ø 1,5 mm1 pc

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