Our challenge

Recent studies have proven that the health care’s climate footprint is equivalent to 4.4% of global net emissions. It is undeniable that the health community has a vital part to play in accelerating progressive changes that address climate change.


As part of the health sector, we are all called to not only protect the communities we serve, but also to protect the environment in which we all exist– which makes it a critical component of the human health puzzle.


We have become a Member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Network to help accelerate the transition to a Circular Economy.
This Network brings together businesses, innovators, universities, and thought leaders to drive global systemic change.

We are ready, are you?
Go Green Together

Being green in the healthcare sector is a difficult challenge. Local politics, regulations and the varying strategies deployed by the different players, have a massive and often invisible influence on the climate and the environment.


We really want to work with you and help you to be more sustainable in your practice and in your country whilst we do the same thing in our business.


Let’s innovate together for a safer and healthier tomorrow. We are happy to offer our expertise and know-how in this green transition.


Contact us to share your ideas, concerns, the problems you are facing that prevent you from being green.

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Only together can we beat this challenge

Only together can we guarantee a safer and healthier tomorrow

Circular Economy: our recycling cable project

Have you ever thought of where all the products are disposed of after their applications?




Help us help you go green.

Green initiatives: our

Share with us a sustainable action that you implemented in your hospital and that you think is important for the planet.


Our experts will make a selection of the best proposals and choose one.


To spread the word, we will promote them and their actions on our social medias and share the initiative with the Ellen MacArthur community we are part of.


We can’t wait to read your suggestions !