Did you know that the health sector is a major contributor to the climate crisis we are experiencing?

This sounds incredible given its mission to protect and promote health. Recent studies have proved that the health care’s climate footprint is equivalent to 4.4% of global net emissions. It is undeniable that the health community has a vital part to play in accelerating progressive changes that address climate change. It is quite amazing to note that the whole healthcare sector in 2019 had a annual greenhouse gas emissions rate equivalent to 514 coal-fired power plants: 25 megatons of carbon dioxide. 62% came from supply chain, 24% from the direct delivery of care, 10% from staff commute, and patient and visitor travel, 4% from private health and care services commissioned by the healthcare providers.

Climate change is a health issue

Furthermore, we cannot ignore the strong impact and the profound implications that the climate changes have had for human health, which will without doubt continue to have an increasing impact in the future. Air pollution is now a major contributor to long-term chronic respiratory diseases that require treatment and hospitalization, which in turn contributes to increased health sector spending and emissions.
As part of the health sector, we are all called to not only protect the communities we serve, but also to protect the environment in which we all exist– which makes it a critical component of the human health puzzle.

First, Do No Harm

We strongly agree that the Healthcare sector has a responsibility to implement the Hippocratic Oath to “first, do no harm” and believe it relates to considering our own climate footprint, while influencing other sectors to do the same. As trusted leaders within society, healthcare practitioners play an important role in encouraging behaviors to change and lead the transition to a more sustainable global healthcare system.

Our challenge

As a global supplier of medical devices, we want to take a position as part of this challenge contributing to leading the green transition. SPES in latin means HOPE, and that has always been our MISSION, to bring hope in the healthcare world.
We know that we still have many manufacturing processes that are not creating completely recyclable products which then become hazardous waste. But this has come as a result of making safety our priority in the past ensuring we reduce the risk of cross-contamination and to guarantee precision in handling and placement, and accuracy in measurements for healthcare practitioners and patients.
However, it is time to adapt,we are ready to be part of the green transition acting where we know we will be able to have the biggest impact. We are working hard to do our best for the health of humanity and the health of our environment. We dream and work for a green healthcare world, green as the Spes color, the color of hope in a safer and healthier future.


Renewable energy in our production facility

Sustainability is a concrete commitment for us. Most of our emissions come from our production site in Battipaglia, in the south of Italy. Benefiting of the favorable climate in that strategic area, we have reduced our site CO2 emission significantly thanks to the installation of only 232 solar panels. The panels now supply the facility with 100% renewable electrical energy. 

Small steps forward for a safer, healthier tomorrow.

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Our green reasearch

Go green is a new way of conceive our products. We are moving our research toward new material and new design to reduce the environmental impact of our solutions, elevating the value of our offer for all the hospital that want to have an impact leading the green transition.

The first result of this effort is the SafePrep, the first single-use degreasing gel for EEG skin preparation available in small paper tube.

Easy to use, light and recyclable, Safe Prep is the first single use solution for EEG designed and developed to replace single-use plastic primary packaging.

 SafePrep can be disposed, after use, in paper recycling can.

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We are ready, are you?

Go Green Together

Being green in the healthcare sector is a difficult challenge. Local politics, regulations and the varying strategies deployed by the different players, have a massive and often invisible influence on the climate and the environment.

We really want to work with you and help you to be more sustainable in your practice and, in your country, whilst we do the same thing in our business. 

Let’s innovate together for a safer and healthier tomorrow. We are happy to offer our expertise and know-how in this green transition. 

Contact us to share your ideas, concerns, the problems you are facing that prevent you from being green.

Only together we can beat this challenge

Only together we can guarantee a safer and healthier tomorrow

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