IOM / Neurodiagnostics

Spes Medica aims to provide support to Neurologists and Surgeons in Intraoperative Monitoring of the Functional Integrity of the Central and Peripheral Nervous System.

IOM / NeuroTools

Surgical Stimulation Probes


·Shaft perfectly isolated to ensure a precise stimulation point.
·Smooth atraumatic tip to avoid any tissue injury.

Ball Monopolar

·Ball Ø available in 2 and 3mm.
·Ball and shaft are a single piece on stainless steel with no soldering point for the best stability and safety.

Ball Bipolar

·Designed for cortex stimulation.
·Indication of the polarity showed on the handgrip.
·Ball Ø available in 2mm.

Concentric Bipolar

·Designed for a central and peripheral stimulation.
·Smooth atraumatic tip to avoid any tissue injury.
·Guarantee a selective and non-traumatic stimulation.
·Available also Ø 2mm ball tip version for the maximum safety of the tissues.


·Precise and constant distance between the 2 polarity.
·Slim design of the shaft to give the best visualization area to the operator.
·Smooth atraumatic tip to avoid any tissue injury.


·Flexible shaft, keep the shape you need to reach any cavity or small spots.
·Conical electrode with smooth atraumatic tip to avoid any tissue injury.
·Perfect flexible isolation pf the shaft for a precise stimulation point of 0,5mm.


·Designed for peripheral nerve monitoring.
·Isolated up to the hook.
·Blunted tip to avoid any tissue injury.
·Available in bipolar and tripolar version to reduce shock artifact.
·The handgrip has a clear indication of the polarity of the electrode.


·Pair of probes designed for Rhizotomy procedure (SDR).
·Colour coded handgrip for an easy identification and connection.
·Shaft insulated till the bending of the electrode.

Dry Touch

·Guarantee a dry stimulation field.
·The vacuum concept can evacuate conductive fluids that cause electrical shunting.
·Blunted tip to avoid any tissue injury.

All Version

·The shaft is fully isolated for a precise stimulation point
·Possible customized version with different length and angle
·Designed and Certified for central and peripheral stimulation

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