EMG / Neurodiagnostics

Spes Medica is passionately focused on the study and the creation of a wide range of electrodes for EMG, NCS and PE. Thanks to our vast experience, we were able to develop excellent production techniques.

EMG / Needle Electrodes

Myoline - Concentric Needle Electrode

· Our new robotic sharpening provides excellent penetration of the needle and less trauma for the patient.
· Golden connector for best recording.
· 100% quality control on manufactured needles.
· Ergonomic handle with area indicator marker.
CodeLengthDiameterColorRec area mm²Pack
D039030251125 mm0,30 mm0,0225 pcs
D03903530230 mm0,35 mm0,0725 pcs
D039045301030 mm0,45 mm0,0725 pcs
D03903540840 mm0,35 mm0,0725 pcs
D03904540140 mm0,45 mm0,0725 pcs
D03904550450 mm0,45 mm0,0725 pcs
D03906070675 mm0,60 mm0,0725 pcs

Autoclavable Concentric Needle Electrode

· Sterilizable in autoclave up to 20 cycles.
CodeLengthDiameterColorRec area mm²Pack
R03903530230 mm0,35 mm0,0710 pcs
R03904540140 mm0,45 mm0,0710 pcs
R03904550450 mm0,45 mm0,0710 pcs
R03906070675 mm0,60 mm0,0710 pcs

Single Fiber Needle Electrode

· Recording area on a small side opposite to the cutting edge and close from the tip.
· The Macro version is made with the insulated cannula.
CodeLengthDiameterModelRec area mm?Pack
DSFN38045250625 mm0,45 mmSingle Fiber0,00055 pcs
DSFN38045370737 mm0,45 mmSingle Fiber0,00055 pcs
DSFN38045370537 mm0,45 mmMacro205 pcs

Connection Cable

· Connection cables for Concentric & Single Fiber.
· Made with extra flexible material and with moulded connection.
· Different lengths and connectors are available on request for any EMG equipment.
. Macro needle has a special cable 100000NNHFM
CodeCable LengthConnectorsPack
10000NNHF3100 cm 5 pole din1 pc
100200NNHF3200 cm 5 pole din1 pc
10000NNHFM100 cm 5 pole din1 pc

Data sheet

Monopolar Needle Electrode

· Isolation and sharpening ensure excellent recording and maximum smoothness.
· Ergonomic moulded handgrip.
CodeLengthDiameterColorRec area mm²Pack
TFDN26150015 mm0,35 mm0,2825 pcs
TFDN26250025 mm0,35 mm0,2825 pcs
TFDN26370037 mm0,35 mm0,2825 pcs
TFDN26374537 mm0,45 mm0,3425 pcs
TFDN26504550 mm0,45 mm0,3425 pcs
TFDN26754575 mm0,45 mm0,3425 pcs
Touch Proof Ø 1,5 mm DIN 42802
Cable Length 76 cm

Data sheet

MIOBOT - Hypodermic Needle Electrode for injection

· Moulded handgrip with connector for syringe insertion and cable
for connection to the device.
· Can be used with traditional hypodermic needle syringes with Luer-Lock
attachment ensuring a safe connection of the needle to the syringe.
· Isolated cannula except for the tip.
MIOBOT253025 mm0,30 mm10 pcs
MIOBOT254025 mm0,45 mm10 pcs
MIOBOT374537 mm0,45 mm10 pcs
MIOBOT505050 mm0,45 mm10 pcs
MIOBOT757075 mm0,70 mm10 pcs
Touch Proof Ø 1,5 mm DIN 42802
Cable Length 76 cm

Data sheet

Extensions for EMG Needles

· Different lengths and connectors are available on request and suitable
for any EMG equipment.
CodeCable LengthPack
MNC10DDIN6100 cm1 pc
MNC20DDIN6200 cm1 pc
MNC10DDINSH100 cm Shielded1 pc
MNC20DDINSH100 cm Shielded1 pc
Touch Proof Ø 1,5 mm DIN 42802

Data sheet

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