EMG / Neurodiagnostics

Spes Medica is passionately focused on the study and the creation of a wide range of electrodes for EMG, NCS and PE. Thanks to our vast experience, we were able to develop excellent production techniques.

EMG / Hook Wire Electrode

Hook Wire Electrodes

· The wire used as a recording part is characterized by a small diameter which guarantees a high level of patient comfort.
· The end of the wire is hooked to allow high electrode stability during recording.
CodeNeedle LengthNeedle DiameterWires N°ConnectionPack
DIMW110503010130 mm0,50 mm1Straight on the wire10 pcs
DIMW110505010150 mm0,50 mm1Straight on the wire10 pcs
DIMW110503010230 mm0,50 mm2Straight on the wire10 pcs
DIMW110505010250 mm0,50 mm2Straight on the wire10 pcs
DIMW11050301P130 mm0,50 mm11 mm Pin10 pcs
DIMW11050501P150 mm0,50 mm11 mm Pin10 pcs
DIMW11050301P230 mm0,50 mm21 mm Pin10 pcs
DIMW11050501P250 mm0,50 mm21 mm Pin10 pcs

Data sheet

Connection Cable for Hook Wire Electrodes

· Different lengths and connectors are available for any commercial equipment and are available on request.
CodeHeadbox SideElectrode SideCable LengthPack
BEC1026C1M6 Ø 1,5 mm1x Micro Clip100 cm1 pc
1002C1M71F5 pole din2x Micro Clip100 cm1 pc
1002C1M26F Ø 1,5 mm2x Micro Clip100 cm1 pc
MNC10PDIN6 Ø 1,5 mm1x 1 mm Pin100 cm1 pc
1002P1N71F5 pole din2x 1 mm Pin100 cm1 pc
1002P1N26F Ø 1,5 mm2x 1 mm Pin100 cm1 pc

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