Welcome to Spes Medica: your Partner in Neurodiagnostic

Your Future?
Our Future

What are the aspects that make you feel secure about your future?
If you imagine a world where companies take a strong position in what they care about, bearing responsibility for their actions, your vision is our vision.
As a main actor in the healthcare system, we want to build strong and stable partnerships with our clients, based on trust and reliability, that strengthen over time. There can not be this without taking care of the future therefore of the planet and the people that populate it.

Our Mission

Spes Medica is committed to bringing hope alive in the challenging world of healthcare, by developing INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS that address what each individual healthcare provider wishes to overcome and ENHANCING CARE IN PLACES WHERE OTHERS DON’T GO.
Our core is well expressed in the name of the company as SPES in Latin means HOPE, and that has always been our MISSION, to bring hope to the healthcare world.

Spes is People
Spes is Value

We promote a corporate culture so that all employees feel responsible and called upon to contribute actively to the continuous personal, professional, and business improvement.


What moves our daily actions?


The patient’s well-being and care, together with the respect for our planet are the constants of our work.
Every person who works at Spes recognizes the intrinsic value of these two cornerstones, makes them their own and puts them to good use with dedication.

Your Partner in innovation

We create a CONSTANT FLOW OF INFORMATION EXCHANGE between the healthcare professional and our R&D to improve our product design and the customer experience.
We collaborate with healthcare professionals to UNDERSTAND their environment to identify opportunities and CO-CREATE SOLUTIONS to improve patient care and promote health equity.
We always keep under our direct control the production process of our product to be able to improve every single aspect of it.

Trust in Professionalism & Excellence

Spes Medica has over 20 years of experience in the development and production of neurodiagnostic products. Since the company was founded in 1999, today we have valuable experience and know-how that enable us to provide high-quality and innovative solutions.
The latest production technology, together with our highly qualified staff, meets high-quality standard products appreciated by our customers throughout the world.

Our international group

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