Safer for the Planet

Healthcare’s climate footprint is equivalent to 4.4% of global net emissions.
As a global supplier of medical devices, we want to take a position as part of this challenge contributing to leading the green transition. SPES in latin means HOPE, and that has always been our MISSION, to bring hope in the healthcare world.
This stance and change of direction towards a safer and healthier tomorrow led to the creation of the Safe for the patient safer for the Planet logo.
This logo perfectly sums up our efforts and priorities as a leading company in the neurodiagnostic sector.

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Renewable energy in our
production facility

Sustainability is a concrete commitment for us. Most of our emissions come from our production site in Battipaglia, in the south of Italy. Benefiting from the favorable climate in that strategic area, we have reduced our site CO2 emission significantly thanks to the installation of only 232 solar panels. The panels now supply the facility with 100% renewable electrical energy.

Disposable but 100% sustainable

The first result of our effort in sustainability is the SafePrep, the first single-use degreasing gel for EEG skin preparation available in a small paper tube.
Easy to use, light and recyclable, SafePrep is the first single use solution for EEG designed and developed to replace single-use plastic primary packaging.
SafePrep can be disposed, after use, in the paper recycling can.


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Make your EEG practice 100 % sustainable

Global research has shown that without action, twice as much virgin plastic will be created and three times more plastic could flow into our oceans by 2040.
This is why, we’re completely rethinking our approach to packaging to use less, better or no plastic.


Our gel and pastes have a sustainable packaging made of recycled plastic or aluminium, and our disposable cup electrodes are in a 100% paper envelope, plastic free.


With the aim of creating real value for the society, Spes Medica fully supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (the SDG’s).
As a leading company, our journey in sustainability has effective and practical results:


  • 100% renewable electrical energy used in production
  • Recyclable and plastic-free packaging for disposable products
  • Conflict-free and responsible supply chain
  • Reduction of transport emissions
  • Bubble wrap has been replaced by 100% recycled and recyclable paper
  • Instead of colored packaging, Spes Medica now uses for shipments rough neutral and recyclable boxes, made with FSC® certified cardboard
  • Where possible, plastic packing has been removed by SPESBOXGREEN series, boxes made from 100% recycled and recyclable cartons.
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