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Cerebro electrode is developed by an innovative, patented technology that allows the electrode to be flexible and gives it the ability to adapt seamlessly to the central nervous system anatomy. The electrode is in pure platinum to present the right impedance for the best recording and stimulation

IOM / Cerebro – Multilayer Cortical Electrodes

Strip Brain RR - Copia

Cerebro - Multilayer Cortical Electrode

Intracranial surface electrodes or subdural cortical electrodes are used for stimulation and recording of central nervous system signals. Intracranial monitoring is used to identify and map functional areas of the brain during pre- and post-surgical phases and during surgical removal of brain tumors. The surface of the intracranial electrodes are multipolar arrays of electrodes (GRID or STRIP) positioned on the cerebral cortex and can be used to stimulate or record. The electrode is designed to follow the complex anatomy of the brain. The electrode can assume different conformations in relation to the demands of clinical needs. The electrode is in pure platinum to present the right impedance for the best recording and stimulation.

Key Points:

• Patented technology
• Flexible Material perfect for anatomical needs of the brain
• Platinum electrode
• Optimal thickness for contact area to improve the clinical usability during the insertion under the skull
• Twisted cables for low noise

CodeDescriptionElectrode Diameter/DimensionPack
IEP00052 contacts strip4mm1 pc
IEP00064 contacts strip4mm1 pc
IEP00076 contacts strip4mm1 pc
IEP00088 contacts strip4mm1 pc
IEP00908 contacts grid (2 x 4)4mm1 pc
IEP01853 contacts D-wave2x3 mm1 pc
Touch Proof Ø 1,5 mm DIN 42802

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