EEG / Neurodiagnostica

Spes Medica offers a complete range of electrodes and accessories to be used during EEG, EP and ERG examinations.

Our products have been developed to ensure maximum signal quality and patient comfort.

EEG / ERG Electroretinography

Sterile Electrode for ERG

· Designed to be used during Electroretinography (ERG).
· Records the electrical signal of the retina cells, including the webs.
· Excellent adhesion, no corneal trauma and no need for local anesthesia.
· Electrode wire is also available.
CodeCable LengthConnectorsPack
DT000115 cm1,5 mm10 pcs
DTW001Wire 256 cm for ERG Electrode1 pc

Data sheet

ERG-JET Electrode

CodeElectrode DiameterCable LengthPack
ERG-JET-F-0612 mm100 cm50 pcs
ERG-JET-F-1212 mm100 cm12 pcs
Touch Proof Ø 1,5 mm DIN 42802

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