IOM / Neurodiagnostics

Spes Medica aims to provide support to Neurophysiologists and Surgeons who practice Intraoperative Monitoring to protect the Functional Integrity of the Central and Peripheral Nerve system.

Our solutions have been designed and developed to guarantee

  • the highest monitoring accuracy
  • the best usability for user
  • the lowest impact on patients

IOM / Laryngeal Electrodes

Monitoring electrodes to avoid involuntary injuries to the recurrent laryngeal nerves during surgery procedures.

Laryngeal Tube Electrodes

- Innovative Laryngeal Electrodes directly integrated into the surface of the Endotracheal Tube
- Atraumatic but robust electrode for a reliable nerve monitoring
- Safe, effective on any EMG platform
- Optimized for precise placement and to avoid risk of mistakes during application on ET tube
- Available in Armored version to facilitate insertion and avoid risk of tube kinking
- Wide recording area to minimize effects of possible displacement of electrode on the vocal cords
CodeChannels N°ET Tube DiameterET Tube VersionCable LenghtPack
LSEP00116 mmNon-Armored75 cm5 pcs
LSEP00217 mmNon-Armored75 cm5 pcs
LSEP00318 mmNon-Armored75 cm5 pcs
LSEP00526 mmNon-Armored200 cm5 pcs
LSEP00627 mmNon-Armored200 cm5 pcs
LSEP00728 mmNon-Armored200 cm5 pcs
LSEPA0116 mmArmored75 cm5 pcs
LSEPA0217 mmArmored75 cm5 pcs
LSEPA0318 mmArmored75 cm5 pcs
LSEPA0526 mmArmored200 cm5 pcs
LSEPA0627 mmArmored200 cm5 pcs
LSEPA0728 mmArmored200 cm5 pcs
Touch Proof Ø 1,5 mm DIN 42802

Data sheet

Stick-On - Adhesive Laryngeal Electrodes

· The Laryngeal electrode is made of soft material to avoid any risk of injury while inserting the tube.
· Can be applied on any endotracheal tube.
CodeChannels N°ET Tube DiameterCable LengthPack
LSE3446MCP07512.0-5.5 mm75 cm10 pcs
LSE3446MCA07516.0-7.0 mm75 cm10 pcs
LSE4246MCA07517.5-10.0 mm75 cm10 pcs
LSE3463DCA20026.0-7.5 mm200 cm10 pcs
LSE4263DCA20028.0-9.5 mm200 cm10 pcs
Touch Proof Ø 1,5 mm DIN 42802

Data sheet