EMG / Neurodiagnostics

Spes Medica is passionately focused on the study and the creation of a wide range of electrodes for EMG, NCS and PE. Thanks to our vast experience, we were able to develop excellent production techniques.

EMG / Nerve Conduction Studies

Bipolar Stimulating Electrode

· Golden felter spots for better electrical conduction.
· Shielded multipolar cable ensuring the best electrical insulation.
· Velcro strap, pair of metal electrodes and 10 spare pads are included in the package.
CodeElectrode DistanceConnectorsCable LengthPack
STIL152625 mm Ø 1,5 mm150 cm1 pc
STIL157125 mm5 pole din150 cm1 pc
STIS152610 mm Ø 1,5 mm150 cm1 pc
STIS157110 mm5 pole din150 cm1 pc



FELT0620Replacement felters for stimulation electrode (cod. STIL)50 pcs
FELT0320Replacement felters for stimulation electrode (cod. STIS)50 pcs
SFERSTILReplacement steel ball tips for stimulation electrode (cod. STIL)2 pcs
SFERSTISReplacement steel ball tips for stimulation electrode (cod. STIS)2 pcs

Surface Recording Bar Electrode

· Ag/AgCl electrodes placed inside an insulated shell felt placement.
· Shielded multipolar cable for best electrical insulation.
· Ergonomic and long-lasting handgrip.
· Velcro strap and 10 spare replacement felts included.
CodeElectrode DistanceConnectorsCable LengthPack
STRCG0152640 mm Ø 1,5 mm150 cm1 pc
STRCG0157140 mm5 pole din150 cm1 pc
STRCP0152620 mm Ø 1,5 mm150 cm1 pc
STRCP0157120 mm5 pole din150 cm1 pc



CodeDescription Pack
FELT0720Felters for recording bar electrode50 pcs
SFERSTRCSteel electrodes for recording bar electrode2 pcs

CodeDescriptionBand LengthPack
VELCROBLU30/3Velcro fixing band30 cm3 pcs
VELCROBLU55/3Velcro fixing band55 cm3 pcs
VELCROBLU100/3Velcro fixing band100 cm3 pcs

Surface Bipolar Bar Stimulation Electrode

· Pair of 10 mm diameter stainless steel electrodes for gel insertion that also
facilitates its use in repeated stimulation.
· With the BAIM model you can fasten an elastic band on the back of the
stimulating bar.
CodeElectrode DistanceConnectorsCable LengthPack
BAIM002630 mm Ø 1,5 mm100 cm1 pc
BAIM0071SH30 mm5 pole din100 cm Shielded1 pc
BARR002630 mm Ø 1,5 mm100 cm1 pc
BARR0071SH30 mm5 pole din100 cm Shielded1 pc
RUB00025Fastening rubber band for BAIM1 pc


Disc Electrodes

· Pair of 10 mm diameter golden disc electrodes for stimulation and recording.
· Available in different cable lengths, connectors and configurations.
CodeDiameterMaterialConnectorsCable LengthPack
SRDISC0126T10 mmAu Ø 1,5 mm100 cm1 pc
SRDISC0171SHF10 mmAu5 pole din100 cm Shielded1 pc


Digital Ring Electrodes

· Pair of ring electrodes for recording and stimulation.
· Spring electrode made of medical stainless steel.
· Available in pediatric version.
CodeMaterialConnectorsCable LengthPack
SRRING0126TSteel Ø 1,5 mm100 cm1 pc
SRRING0171SHFSteel5 pole din100 cm Shielded1 pc
SRRINGS126TThin steel Ø 1,5 mm100 cm1 pc
SRRINGS171SHFThin steel5 pole din100 cm Shielded1 pc


Digital Clip Electrodes

· Digital clip electrode for a quick location application.
CodeElectrode MaterialConnectorsCable LengthPack
SRRINGD0626TSteel Ø 1,5 mm60 cm1 pc

STIM/REC Electrode System

· Stimulating and recording electrodes system for greater accuracy in signal recording by also using different accessories, if needed.
· Save your electromyograph headbox avoiding continuous connection and disconnection of the electrodes.
SRRING0000Steel spring ring electrodes1 pc
SRRINGS000Thin steel spring ring electrodes1 pc
SRFLATS000AgAgCl Flat Electrodes, ¯ 8 mm1 pc
SRDISC0000Au Disc Electrodes, ¯ 10mm1 pc
SRSOC00001 mm connectors1 pc
SRSTUD0000Snap connectors1 pc
SRCLIP0000Crocodile connectors1 pc
Cable Length 15 cm

Connection Cable for STIM/REC Electrode System

CodeConnectorsCable LengthPack
10000NNHF35 pole din100 cm1 pc
102SCNNHFR Ø 1,5 mm100 cm1 pc


Ground Band Electrodes

· High quality recording.
· Elastic material which guarantees excellent patient comfort.
· 1 meter connection cable included in the pack.
CodeElectrode MaterialLength FasciaPack
GDRG002526Elastic Steel25 cm1 pc
GDRG004026Elastic Steel40 cm1 pc
GDRG007026Elastic Steel70 cm1 pc


Ground Flat Electrodes

· Electrodes can be placed anywhere on the body offering operators great flexibility.
CodeElectrode DiameterConnectorsCablePack
PLGD12526330 mm Ø 1,5 mm125 cm1 pc


Dermographic Pencil

EEGPENCILBDermographic pencil 1 pc
EEGPENCILRDermographic pencil 1 pc
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