EEG / Neurodiagnostics

Spes Medica offers a complete range of electrodes and accessories to be used during EEG, EP and ERG examinations.
Our products have been developed to ensure maximum signal quality and patient comfort.

EEG / Pastes and Gel

Spes Medica is active in the production and processing of pastes and gels for neurodiagnostic applications.

We offer products for the preparation and the treatment of the skin and for the proper registration during EEG tests performed with cup electrodes, headcaps or bridge electrodes.


· Single-use dye-free degreasing gel for EEG skin preparation
· Single use application to minimize the risk of cross-contamination
· Proven high performances in reducing the skin impedance for high quality monitoring
· New dye-free formula to minimize irritation and reduce the risk of allergy in very sensitive skin
· Innovative recyclable plastic-free primary and secondary packaging

IDEAL USE: treatment of patients with challenging skin conditions who require regular monitoring
NPREP010E-1Single-use dye-free degreasing gel for EEG with recyclable packagingStick 10 gr100 pcs

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· Abrasive gel for EEG skin preparation
· Proven high performances in reducing the skin impedance for high quality monitoring
· Dermatologically tested for the most sensitive skins.
· Paraben- free
· Fragrance-free
· Recyclable packaging: PE7 tube
NPREP120T-3Abrasive gelTube 120 g3 pcs
NPREP025TAbrasive gelTube 25 g1 pc

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AC Cream

· Highly conductive paste for EEG recordings with cup electrodes.
· Easily removable and washable with water
· Dermatologically tested
. Paraben-free
. Dye-free
. PE Recyclable jar
ACCREAM250V-3Conductive pasteJar 250 g3 pcs
ACCREAM050VConductive pasteJar 50 g1 pc

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“Miniaturized electroencephalographic scalp electrode for optimal wearing comfort”

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First published: 15 March 2010

“Can visual feedback on upper trapezius high-density surface electromyography increase time to task failure of an endurance task?”

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First published: 1 October 2019

“Optimization of sEMG electrode positioning in vastus lateralis muscle during neuromuscular electrical stimulation”

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First published: 05 August 2014


· Highly adhesive cream that ensures excellent adhesion of the electrode on patients scalp guaranteeing a safe and stable long term recording
· Easily removable with just water
· Dermatologically tested and suitable for very sensitive skin
· No paraben
· Recyclable packaging: tube in ALU 41 tube, cap in PP5

RECOMMENDED USE: for sleep and long term EEG including children, neonates and pregnant women
SAC2-10Adhesive creamTube 100 gr10 pcs

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· Highly conductive gel.
· Guarantees low impedance and excellent signal stability.
· Reduces the risk of bridge effect between the electrodes.
NEURGEL250V-3Conductive gelJar 250 gr3 pcs
NEURGEL250FConductive gelBottle 250 gr1 pc

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· Specific product for skin preparation before registration.
· Guarantees low impedance and increased adhesion of the electrode to the skin.
EVERI160SPE-24Abrasive gelBottle 160 gr24 pcs

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