IOM / Neurodiagnostics

Spes Medica offers a complete range of electrodes and accessories to be used during EEG, EP and ERG examinations. Our products have been developed to ensure maximum signal quality and patient comfort.

IOM / Surgical Stimulation Probes


CodeModelProbe LengthPack
SI1I0045S2526DMonopolar45 mm5 pcs
SI1I0100S2526DMonopolar100 mm5 pcs
SI1I0200S2526DMonopolar200 mm5 pcs
SI1IB130S2526DBayonett monopolar130 mm5 pcs
SI1IC095S2526DBent monopolar95 mm5 pcs

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Ball Monopolar

CodeModelProbe LengthProbe DiameterPack
SI1B0045S2526DBall Monopolar45 mm2 mm5 pcs
SI1B0100S2526DBall Monopolar100 mm3 mm5 pcs
SI1BB130S2526DBall Bayonett Monopolar130 mm3 mm5 pcs

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Ball Bipolar

CodeModelProbe LengthProbe DiameterPack
SI2B0030S2526DBall Bipolar30 mm2 mm5 pcs

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DryTouch: Suction Stimulator Probe

- Provides a dry stimulation field for accurate testing.
- Tip designed to simultaneously provide repeatable stimulation and evacuate conductive fluids that generate electrical shunting.
- Universal, single-use, monopolar probe
- Fine, delicate suction paired with continuous stimulation for nerve or cortical mapping
- Frazier tip allows the surgeon to regulate suction instantaneously
- Various tube lengths are ideal for a variety of procedures including, Brain Mapping, Spine Procedures, and Transoral Thyroidectomy
CodeDescriptionTube DiameterProbe LengthPack
SI1K0130S2526DDry Touch2,5mm - 8F130 mm5 pcs
SI1K0260S2526DDry Touch2,5mm - 8F260 mm5 pcs

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Flush Tip Stimulation Probe

- The 0.5mm diameter tip guarantees maximum stimulation accuracy even in the minimally invasive procedure
- The tip can be modeled by the surgeon so as to fit for every single procedure
- The tip is perfectly rounded to reduce contact traumaticity
- It reduces cross-contamination and the risks of cleaning and disinfection
CodeModelProbe LengthPack
SI1IF095S2526DFlush Tip95 mm5 pcs

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Concentric Bipolar

CodeDescriptionProbe LengthPack
SI2C0045S2526DConcentric Bipolar45 mm5 pcs
SI2C0100S2526DConcentric Bipolar100 mm5 pcs
SI2CB130S2526DBayonett concentric bipolar130 mm5 pcs
SI2CC045S2526DBent concentric bipolar45 mm5 pcs
SI2CC095S2526DBent concentric bipolar95 mm5 pcs
SI2TC045S2526DBall concentric bipolar45 mm5 pcs
SI2TC100S2526DBall concentric bipolar100 mm5 pcs

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CodeModelProbe LengthPack
SI2F0045S2526DBipolar minifork45 mm5 pcs
SI2F0100S2526DBipolar minifork100 mm5 pcs
SI2FB130S2526DBayonett bipolar minifork130 mm5 pcs
SI2FE095S2526D90° bent bipolar minifork95 mm5 pcs
SI3FE095S2526D90° bent tripolar pediatric minifork95 mm5 pcs

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Hook Bipolar

CodeModelProbe LengthPack
SI2H0020S2526DHook20 mm5 pcs

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Bipolar Triple Hook

CodeModelProbe LengthPack
SI3H0020S2526DTriple Hook20 mm5 pcs

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