EEG / Neurodiagnostics

Spes Medica offers a complete range of electrodes and accessories to be used during EEG, EP and ERG examinations.

Our products have been developed to ensure maximum signal quality and patient comfort.

EEG / Headcaps Accessories

Ear Clip Electrode

· Usable as a reference electrode.
· Available in different connectors and cable lengths.
CodeElectrode MaterialPack
EAR1026T0Sn1 pc
EAR1026AGAg/AgCl1 pc
EAR1026S0Ag/AgCl Sintered1 pc
EAR1026G0Au1 pc
Cable Length 100 cm
Touch Proof Ø 1,5 mm DIN 42802

Data sheet

Replacement Electrode

· Electrodes replacement set: 10 electrodes and 10 electrodes holders.
· Available standard in Tin and AgAgCl on request
CodeCompatibilityElectrode MaterialPack

Data sheet

Emergency Electrode

· Available in different connectors, materials and cable lengths.
CodeElectrode MaterialCable LengthPack
EMELT12026Sn120 cm1 pc

Data sheet


SPONGE300Medcap adhesive sponge discs50 pcs
PUL0000025Brush for cleaning the electrode25 pcs
LABEL001Cables Labels for precabled headcaps1 pc

Data sheet


Chest Band

· Made with soft and elastic materials designed for excellent patient comfort.
· Equipped with automatic clip for fast hooking with headcap ties.
CodeSizeColor CodePack
BELT0000120120 cm1 pc
BELT000009595 cm1 pc
BELT000007070 cm1 pc
BELT000004040 cm (Pediatric)1 pc

Data sheet

Chin Holder

· Made with soft and elastic materials designed for excellent patient comfort.
· The package includes a pair of adjustable ties.

Data sheet

Adapter Cable

· Available with different types of connectors.
CAPCAB2025F2620Flat1 pc
CAPCAB2125F2621Flat1 pc
Touch Proof Ø 1,5 mm DIN 42802

Data sheet

Blunted Needles

· Sterile item that can be used for inserting the conductive gel into the prewired electrode housing.
DISP00015001,60 mm (16G)15 mm100 pcs
DISP00018001,60 mm (16G)18 mm100 pcs
DISP00025001,60 mm (16G)25 mm100 pcs

Data sheet

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