Make more sustainable your EEG practice with SafePrep!

Make more sustainable your EEG practice with SafePrep!

We are excited to introduce the expansion of our SafePrep family with two fantastic new formats: SafePrep 25g and SafePrep 120g!

Listening to the valuable feedback from healthcare professionals has allowed us to enhance our products to better meet your needs. The evolution of Neur Prep into SafePrep is a direct result of this process.

What are the differences between the Neur-prep and the Safeprep?
Both have the same original formula, but in Safeprep we removed all dyes making it perfect for even the most sensitive skin and the planet.

Moreover, Safeprep packaging is made of recycled plastic!
It is appropriate to say: Safe for the Patient, Safer for the Planet.

Make your EEG practice more sustainable!






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