Dónde Estamos

Mappa – Nuova
Unimed GVB-Spes EsPo Spes France Spes Medica Spes Medica GVB-Spes South Africa Spes Medica China Neurotecnologia GVB-Spes Spes Medica USA


10 Farnham Business Centre,
Dogflud Way, Farnham,
Surrey, GU9 7UP
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 12 52 72 33 95

GVB-Spes EsPo

Avd. de las Cortes Valencianas, 39
Geminis Center
46015 Valencia

Spes France

10 Avenue de l'Actipôle
33470 Gujan mestras
490324704 RCS Bordeaux
+33 (0) 55 7 - 73 60 42

Spes Medica

Via Buccari, 21
16153 Genova – Italy
+39 010 390343

Spes Medica

Production Plant
Via Europa, Zona Industriale
84091 Battipaglia (SA) – Italy
+39 0828 614191

GVB-Spes South Africa

Silver Lakes Office Park 2,
Building A, Unit 5 1
Von Backstrom Blvd,
Silver Lakes 0054 Pretoria
South Africa
+012 809 0077

Spes Medica China

E-Hui Bussiness Centre 401,Guan Sui Road,
Dongguan city,
Guangdong Province, China
+86 0769 22285659


Rua Francisco Preto, 09 – Vila Morse
São Paulo/SP – CEP: 05623-010
Tel: (11) 3743-0359/(11) 3507-5321/
(11) 3507-4234


Ginsterweg 7a
23795 Bad Segeberg
+49 (0) 45 51 – 95 67 30

Spes Medica USA

25 Storey Ave #118
MA 01950 USA


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