Tens / Physiotherapy

Spes Medica is actively involved in the production of TENS, EMS, ECT and TDCS electrostimulation products to ensure optimal performance with all skin types and to ensure uniformity of electrical intensity on the whole electrode surface.

TENS / Stimulation Electrodes

Disposable Stimulation Electrodes

· Guarantees excellent electrostimulation performance and uniform electrical intensity across the surface of the electrode
· Ensures excellent and constant adhesion to the patient’s skin.
· Our electrodes are repositionable without reducing their adhesion.
· The adhesion is firm but very gentle so it can be applied on every type of skin, even the most sensitive ones.
TE0N1S354535x45 mmSnap4 pcs
TE0N1S504550x45 mmSnap4 pcs
TE0N1S409040x90 mmSnap4 pcs
TE0N1S509050x90 mmSnap4 pcs
TE0N1F354535x45 mm2 mm socket4 pcs
TE0N1F504550x45 mm2 mm socket4 pcs
TE0N1F409040x90 mm2 mm socket4 pcs
TE0N1F509050x90 mm2 mm socket4 pcs
TE0N2F5010050x100 mm2x 2 mm socket4 pcs

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Reusable Electrodes

· Made of conductive silicone ensuring a uniform stimulating surface.
· Moulded cable-electrode connection to ensure high resistance during use.
· Available in different configurations with different connectors, including 2 mm and 4 mm universal sockets.
CodeSizeConnectorsCable LengthPack
4F00406S40x60 mm4 mm socket16 cm2 pcs
4F00806S80x60 mm4 mm socket16 cm2 pcs
4F00128S120x80 mm4 mm socket16 cm2 pcs
4F01511S150x110 mm4 mm socket16 cm2 pcs
4M00406S40x60 mm4 mm plug16 cm2 pcs
4M00806S80x60 mm4 mm plug16 cm2 pcs
4M00128S120x80 mm4 mm plug16 cm2 pcs
4M01511S150x110 mm4 mm plug16 cm2 pcs
24F0406S40x60 mm2 and 4 mm socket16 cm2 pcs
24F0806S80x60 mm2 and 4 mm socket16 cm2 pcs
24F0128S120x80 mm2 and 4 mm socket16 cm2 pcs
24F1511S150x110 mm2 and 4 mm socket16 cm2 pcs
4M00406040x60 mm4 mm plug/2 pcs
4M00806080x60 mm4 mm plug/2 pcs
4M001280120x80 mm4 mm plug/2 pcs
24F00806080x60 mm2 and 4 mm socket/2 pcs
24F001280120x80 mm2 and 4 mm socket/2 pcs
SIL000505050x50 mm2 mm socket/4 pcs
SIL005010050x100 mm2 mm socket/4 pcs

Data sheet

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