TENS / Physiotherapy

Spes Medica is actively involved in the production of TENS, EMS, ECT and TDCS electrostimulation products to ensure optimal performance with all skin types and to ensure uniformity of electrical intensity on the whole electrode surface.

TENS / Accessories

Sponge Pouch

· Compatible with reusable electrodes.
· The Spontex version guarantees a long-lasting treatment.
4T00406040x60 mmSponge10 pcs
4T00806080x60 mmSponge10 pcs
4T00128080x120 mmSponge10 pcs
4T0015110110x150 mmSponge10 pcs
4TS0406040x60 mmSpontex10 pcs
4TS0806060x80 mmSpontex10 pcs
4TS0128080x120 mmSpontex10 pcs
4TS015110110x150 mmSpontex10 pcs


SILSP0456045x60 mmSnap4 pcs
SILSP0608060x80 mmSnap4 pcs
SILSP8012080x120 mmSnap4 pcs

Elastic Bands

· Excellent elasticity and comfort for the patient.
· Available in different sizes and thickness.
BAND0100Elastic with velcro10x100 cm1 pc
BAND0080Elastic with velcro10x80 cm1 pc
BAND0060Elastic with velcro10x60 cm1 pc
BAND0040Elastic with velcro10x40 cm1 pc
BAND08100Elastic with velcro8x100 cm1 pc
BAND08080Elastic with velcro8x80 cm1 pc
BAND08060Elastic with velcro8x60 cm1 pc
BAND08040Elastic with velcro8x40 cm1 pc
BAND03100Elastic with velcro3x100 cm1 pc
BAND03080Elastic with velcro3x80 cm1 pc
BAND03060Elastic with velcro3x60 cm1 pc
BAND03040Elastic with velcro3x40 cm1 pc

Data sheet

RUB04532Rubber with button3,2x45 cm1 pc
RUB13532Rubber with button3,2x135 cm1 pc
RUB00025Rubber with button2,5x45 cm1 pc

Data sheet

BOTT0000Spare replacement buttons20 pcs


CROC01ISCrocodile adapter2 mm Pin 10 pcs
CROC02ISCrocodile adapter2 mm Pin 10 pcs
ADPT2F01Snap adapter2 mm Pin 5 pcs
ADPT2F02Snap adapter2 mm Pin 5 pcs

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