EEG / Neurodiagnostics

Spes Medica offers a complete range of electrodes and accessories to be used during EEG, EP and ERG examinations.
Our products have been developed to ensure maximum signal quality and patient comfort.

EEG / Tech System


We have listened to your concerns and have in turn developed a simple solution that we believe will significantly reduce skin breakdown. The Tech System is a single-use product designed to also eliminate excess product waste, and cross contamination. Studies have proven that blood and other body fluids have been distributed through medical supplies. Protect yourself and your patients by eliminating that risk.


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Tech System

3 Simple Steps:
· Tech Prep
· Tech Dot
· Tech Tape
The full kit packed for a single patient, everything you need in one pack.
KITECH002 Kit contains : 1 Tech Prep, 24 Tech Dots and 24 Tech Tapes1 complete kit for a single patient1 box = 1 kit

Data Sheet


Tech Dots

Conductive gel dots adheres electrode on scalp for both LTM and routine EEG
· Highly conductive and adhesive gel dot.
· Easily removable and washable.
· Up to 72 hours recording.
· You can easily reduce the impedance just adding a small drop a water.
DOT024-25Tech Dot: Set of 24 adhesive and conductive dot for long term recording24 dots per set1 box = 25 set

Data sheet

Spes Medical | March 2020
Spes Medical | March 2020

Tech Tape

Custom shaped, pre-cut tape secures electrode on scalp for extended or everyday application
· Ready to use not see drying time
. Easily removable with a mild remover
TAPE024-25Adhesive pre-cut tape1 set = 24 tapes1 box = 25 set


Spes Medical | March 2020
Spes Medical | March 2020
Spes Medical | March 2020

Tech Prep

Innovative single use prep stick lowers skin impedance and improves the recording
· Suitable for skin preparation before EEG and EMG recording.
· Guarantees low impedance of the skin contact.
· 1 set for a full EEG montage
· Dermatologically tested for the most sensitive skins.
NPREP003K-25Stick with Degreasing gel1 stick per patient1 box 25 sticks

Data sheet

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