EEG / Neurodiagnostics

Spes Medica offers a complete range of electrodes and accessories to be used during EEG, EP and ERG examinations.

Our products have been developed to ensure maximum signal quality and patient comfort.

EEG / Cerebral Function Monitoring


Single Patient CFM Electrode

· Excellent adhesion, lightweight, flexible and non-invasive.
· 1 channel recordings (C3 - C4 + REF - GND).
· Used in Neonatal Intensive Therapy Centers (NICU) to monitor neonatal encephalographic activity.
CodeN° ChannelsPack
CFM70000024 pcs

Data sheet

Connection Cable fort CFM Electrode

CFMC15026150 cm Connection Cable for CFM Electrode Touch Proof Ø 1,5 mm DIN 428021 pc

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