ECG / Cardiology

Spes Medica combined its matured experience in producing ECG electrodes with new and innovative technologies that allowed the development of our defibrillation plates.

ECG / Cables and Adapters

Cables and Adapters

· Connection cable with snap connector
CodeCable LengthConnectorsPack
LEAD626S3060 cm Ø 1,5 mm3 pcs
LEAD626S5060 cm Ø 1,5 mm5 pcs
LEAD626S7060 cm Ø 1,5 mm7 pcs
LEAD626S8060 cm Ø 1,5 mm8 pcs

Data sheet


CROCO4F1Crocodile adapter 4 mm pin10 pcs
CROCO4F2Crocodile adapter 4 mm pin10 pcs
ADPT4F0SSAdapter cable with snap clip 4 mm pin10 pcs
ADPT4F05SAdapter cable with snap clip 4 mm pin10 pcs
ADP0F0M4Adapter with snap connection Pin/Jack 4 mm10 pcs
CodeDescriptionCable LengthConnectorsPack
ADPL24F0SAdapter cable with snap clip8 cm2mm e 4 mm socket10 pcs

10 Channels Patient Cable

60.119.130BTLAll models1 pc
60.119.143CardiolineDelta 1/3/30/60 Delta 1/3/60 Plus Elan 11001 pc
60.119.11PCardiolineDelta 1/3/30/60 Delta 1/3/60 Plus Elan 1100 Plastic connectors1 pc
60.119.161Cardiolinear600/600adv ar1200/1200adv ar2100adv1 pc
60.119.134CardiolineAutoruler 12/1-12/3 Microruler 12/1-12/3 Microtel Doc 101 Excel 103/1061 pc
60.119.129CardietteStart 100P/H Start 200/200HV1 pc
60.119.140EsaoteSerie P80/P80001 pc
60.119.166EsaoteArchimed 4220 Archiwin1 pc
60.119.139MortaraEli 100-200-2000 Landscape Portrait1 pc
60.119.131MortaraEli 250-210-1501 pc
60.119.142SchillerAT1-AT2-AT4-AT5-AT6-AT10-AT60 CS6-CS12-CS100-CS200-CV6-P801 pc
60.119.171SchillerAT31 pc

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